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  • MedTherapy leverages next generation technology with cutting-edge platform for manufacturing of affordable viral vectors and CAR-T cell & gene therapy products tailor made to meet the grade and scale of the partners.
  • Ability to rapidly and cost-effectively manufacture and scale up CAR-T cells and viral vectors.
  • Our proprietory platform technologies for vector manufacturing and CAR-T cell manufacturing together with our global facilities and global teams enable us to produce these therapies at a dramatically reduced cost and time.

Science & Innovation

Full-Spectrum, end-to-end Cancer gene therapy biotech:

The cancer gene therapy, generally referred to as “CAR-T” cell therapy (‘Chimeric Antigen Receptor”), has been heralded as a miraculous “cure” for cancer. The responses from patients has been spectacular- higher than 90% of patients responding.

However, this ‘miracle’ cancer gene (CAR-T) therapy suffers from several existential challenges:

  • Very complex manufacturing process;
  • Lack of industry-wide capacity for manufacturing CAR-T cell therapies for all eligible patients
  • Very long time to manufacture- often over 4-6 weeks;
  • Acute shortage of the most critical raw material, the virus vector;
  • But most important, exorbitantly expensive, almost half a million dollars, making it unaffordable for most patients especially in developing countries.

MedTherapy has developed Innovative technologies which addresses all these existential problems by:

  • Dramatically reducing manufacturing time – to as little as a few DAYS!
  • Dramatically reduced manufacturing cost through our proprietary technologies
  • Greatly increased manufacturing capacity through its global GMP grade manufacturing facilities, and,
  • In-house large-scale manufacturing of virus vectors through next-generation vector technology for several vectors – lenti, viruses, retro viruses, among several others. 



Manufacturing CAR-T cell gene therapies is very complex. And time consuming – almost 4-6 weeks for a patient. This leads to both- delays in manufacturing, and, exorbitant costs. MedTherapy has developed innovative technologies to speed up the process. Our technology allows to manufacture the therapy in a few days – instead of weeks!

  • Our in-house global scale manufacturing facilities are capable for industry scale manufacturing for ourselves and our partners and collaborators.
  • Current, classical: quadruple transfection of adherent 293T cells in cell factories
  • Novel: quadruple transfection of 293T cells in suspension in bioreactors
  • Unique: lentiviral vectors produced from stable cell line (no plasmid DNA needed)
  • Disruptive: production of injectable targeted lentiviral vectors

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Sites & Facilities

Boston - USA

MedTherapy is a USA based biotech company, headquartered in metro Boston, USA. Its technology development facility is newly constructed and designed with state-of-the-art resources to deliver high quality virus vectors and CAR-T cell therapy products.

New Delhi - India

The global Manufacturing facility is based in New Delhi, India. With a total built-up area of approx. 24000 sq. feet, this six-level building is equipped with advanced facilities capable of scaled-up production of virus vector manufacturing and CAR T cell gene therapies.