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As a full-spectrum, fully integrated Cancer Cell & Gene Therapy biotechnology company MedTherapy Biotech has three different but complementary business units:

  • Manufacturing CAR-T cell Gene Therpaies as a CDMO
  • Manufacturing Viral Vectors needed as raw material for CAR-T Cell Gene Therapies
  • Clinical Development to develop new Cancer Cell & Gene Therapy Products


CAR-T cell gene therapy

As a global CAR-T cell gene therapy biotechnology company, MedTherapy has impressive capabilities to manufacture CAR-T cell therapies at a large scale. With its technology development center in Boston, United States and its global manufacturing facility in New Delhi, India, MedTherapy has become one of the world's leading GMP-grade CAR-T cell manufacturing organizations.

In addition, with its capabilities for in-house GMP-grade manufacturing facilities, MedTherapy is capable of large-scale manufacturing of cancer gene therapies. Our capabilities include several CAR-T cell gene therapy platforms, including open and closed systems, automated and semi-automated processes, and working with different virus vectors. With our global teams, innovative technologies, and an integrated business model, we can manufacture CAR-cell gene therapies at dramatically reduced manufacturing costs and manufacturing time. We work with collaborators, partners, clients, and customers globally and can manufacture CAR-T cell gene therapies at a large scale as a CDMO.

Viral vector CDMO

The most critical raw material for CAR-T cell gene therapy is a ‘virus vector.’ This virus vector is also the most expensive component, and currently, there is an acute shortage of this virus vector. MedTherapy has developed the technology and facilities to manufacture its virus vector to keep close control of this raw material. This helps us manufacture our CAR-T gene therapies and help other companies in acute need of these vectors. We have developed advanced technology to manufacture virus vectors to become self-reliant and manufacture virus vectors with our collaborators, customers, and clients. Our virus vector manufacturing facilities in Boston, United States, and New Delhi, India, can manufacture different types of GMP-grade virus vectors.

Viral vector CDMO