A Global
end-to-end, integrated
Cell & Gene Therapy CDMO

Full spectrum integrated Services

  • Viral Vectors
  • CAR-T Cell Therapies
  • Clinical Manufacturing ​
  • Commercial Manufacturing ​
  • Analytical Services ​
  • Regulatory Supports ​
  • Accelerated Speed to Market​

Global Viral Vector Manufacturing Facility​

  • Lentiviral Vectors
  • Retroviral Vectors
  • Adeno-associated Viral Vectors​
  • Stable Packaging & Producer Cell Lines​ ​
  • Commercial Manufacturing ​
  • Adherent & Suspension Cultures​
  • End-to-End Development
  • cGMP Manufacturing & Analytics
  • Cost-effective Processes​

Global CAR-T cell Manufacturing Facility

  • Advanced Technology Platforms ​
  • Open, Closed & Modular Systems​
  • Rapid manufacturing process​​
  • Dramatically reduced Cost ​
  • End-to-End Development
  • cGMP Manufacturing & Analytics
  • Large Annual Production Capacity​

cGMP facilities

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • 24000 sq.ft spreaded area​​
  • Global Compliances
  • QMS​​
  • Digitized Data Management​
  • Operational Executivellence​
  • Global Experts

Regulatory support

  • Global Regulatory Strategy ​
  • Regulatory Dossiers​
  • Inspection Support
  • Query Responses​​​
  • Post-approval Support​​
  • Product Life-cycle Management​
Full spectrum integrated CDMO
Viral vectors manufacturing of Virus vectors
CAR T cells manufacturing of CAR T cells
cGMP facilities For Cell & Gene Therapies
Regulatory support, Global Regulatory Strategy

Trusted Partner for Your Cell & Gene Therapy Commercialization

MedTherapy Biotech is a Boston based global Cancer Cell & Gene Therapy Company founded in 2018 by experts from Harvard and former Novartis executives as an end-to-end, integrated CAR-T Cell CDMO, with commercial scale GMP manufacturing facility in New Delhi, India and technology development site at Boston, USA.

Our Services

Manufacturing CAR-T cell gene therapy for cancer patients encompasses three disparate components: running clinical trials to develop these therapies, manufacturing CAR-T cell gene therapies, and manufacturing the most critical raw materials called virus vectors.

MedTherapy Biotech is one of the very few companies in the world that can undertake all these three critical activities in-house. This assures our success and accomplishes our mission to make these therapies more affordable and accessible.

MedTherapy Biotech offers end-to-end services for its partners and collaborators to translate their Cell & Gene Therapy products from early stage through late stage through commercialization and beyond.

Our Services

Our Technology

Car-T cell therapy Manufacturing

Manufacturing CAR-T cell gene therapies is very complex. And time consuming – almost 4-6 weeks for a patient. This leads to both- delays in manufacturing, and, exorbitant costs. MedTherapy has developed innovative technologies to speed up the process. Our technologies together with our state of art global facilities and expertise allows to dramatically reduce costs and time for manufacturing these therapies.

Our Technology