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Bikash Verma Biography
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Medical Officer

Bikash Verma, MD, DVM, MVSc, MS

Dr. Verma, is a Boston-based renowned physician, scientist and academician who has led several pioneering global health endeavors through his tenures both in academia as well as in the biotechnology industry. Prior to leading MedTherapy, he was the Medical Director at Harvard Medical School where he also served as a faculty and remains affiliated with. Earlier, he served as the Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director at Novartis, GSK and Aurora Biopharmaceutical. He is president of Boston-based International Health Organization (IHO) which works in partnership with Harvard University for global health.

Based in Boston, USA for the last 25 years, Dr. Verma has successfully led more than 25 clinical trials in US and globally leading to FDA registration, approval and commercial success in areas of immunology, oncology and immuno-oncology, in particular gene therapies with CAR-T.

Dr. Verma holds multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary specializations in three medical fields including cancer, immunology, and preventive medicine which he accomplished through doctoral degrees in medicine (MD) as well as in veterinary medicine (DVM); master’s degrees in Cancer (MS) and in preventive medicine (MVSc); and post-doctoral fellowships in immunology, completed at University of Massachusetts and affiliated hospitals, University of Illinois, S Illinois University, Birsa University, International School of Medicine, and Tufts University, among others. He serves on the board of several national and international institutions, charitable organizations, journals and biotech companies. Dr. Verma has received several national and international awards and recognition for his accomplishments in medicine and in the service of mankind in US and globally especially in developing countries.

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