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Antoine Heron Biography
Head of Cell Therapy Commercial Strategy Merck Life Science

Antoine Heron, PhD

Dr. Heron is a PhD in cell biology with expertise in cell therapy and regenerative medicine. He has a proven track record in developing single-use systems and specialty cell culture media for use in clinical production of human stem cells. In addition, he successfully managed the industrialization of innovative solutions for the preservation and transplantation of cells, tissues and organs. Dr. Heron is an experienced R&D scientist working in commercial development of innovative cell and gene therapy solutions, who has developed unique strengths to assess and address the needs of academic partners and biotech companies in stem cell production for cell therapy applications and beyond. Dr. Heron has held leadership positions at Merck and its division Millipore for last 15 years. He holds a PhD in Cellular and molecular biology from Université de Rouen.

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