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MedTherapy is a Boston-based global biotechnology corporation manufacturing cell, gene and immunological therapies for treatment of cancer.

Our mission is to make cancer gene therapy accessible and affordable for all cancer patients in the world.

Cell, gene and immunological therapies comprise the most sophisticated treatments modern technology has developed. While their success has been deemed a ‘miracle’, however, unfortunately, their cost is exorbitant often running into millions of dollars which is not sustainable for any individual patient, society or country. Therefore, MedTherapy works in collaboration with various organizations – private, public, academia and non-profits in US and globally to develop more innovative streamlined processes, technologies and partnerships to manufacture these sophisticated medical therapies and made affordable for every patient in the world.

Our primary focus is upon CAR-T cell gene therapy.

We are a Full-spectrum, end-to-end, integrated, CAR-T cell gene therapy biotechnology company with global presence.



In 2017, US FDA approved the first CAR-T cell gene therapy in the world. Since then, CAR-T cell gene therapy has been administered safely to many a patients.